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Mission and Vision
Owing to the economic, social and cultural potentials of the region and with the aim of development in both education and research among young students in regional and international levels, Shiraz University of Arts declares its goals on the basis of the Agreement as issued by Iranian Higher Education Council on January 16 of 2010. In a ten year program, it is hoped that the university will have ten faculties and about 50 fields of studies:
1- Educating and equipping the expert human resources in the required fields of arts.
2- Providing the required research facilities in order to discover the potentials and elaborate the knowledge in the region, for the sake of participation in sustainable development, supporting the production of knowledge and software movements, and subsequent growth in national artistic works representing and emphasizing Islamic Arts, national demands, modern technology, and practical use of the scientific and artistic achievements via dynamic and constructive collaboration with national and international educational centers.
3- Attempting to actualize the Islamic culture of arts through strengthening and deepening the spiritual vision and developing morals and creation of artistic, social cooperation and spreading the spirit of altruism and hope to the future on the basis of the principles of Holy Quran and Ahl-al Bayt, values and merits of the Islamic country.
4- Scientific and consultation Cooperation with organizations and companies to develop and use regional facilities to achieve scientific achievements and applied technologies.

Shiraz University of Arts was established after the Supreme Leader's trip in 2009 and decision of the second and third trips of the Ministers to the Fars Province with agreement of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The University is the fourth national higher education center of arts in Iran and the first in the south part of the country. In addition, the university has employed several experienced lecturers and professors and has signed memorandum of understanding with research centers of other universities, the Office of Cultural Heritage and Center of Documents and National Library.

BA Degree Given in the following Fields of Study:
1- Carpet
2- Museum Management
3- Conservation and Restorations of Historical Buildings
4- Interior Architecture
5- Archeology
6- Painting
7- Dramatic Literature
8- Visual Communication

Building No. 1: adabbiat intersection, shiraz ,Iran

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